At TLC Weddings are not just our specialty, they are our passion!
We specialize in modern, posh & stylish weddings.  We love working with creative couples who envision something different and unique for their affair.
 In order to give you and your event the personal attention you both deserve....Your wedding will be our ONLY wedding that day. When you hire our Entertainment firm, you hire top notch talent. Our Disc Jockeys and Event Host are some of the most sought after talent in the private event industry. Our team's style, mixing skills, innovativeness and ability to read the crowd are unmatched by any other DJ company the tri state area.
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With TLC Entertainment your wedding won’t be just another party, it will be a trend-setting event.

Why should I book with your music & event firm? What makes you different?

We are different from most other DJ companies, and proud of it. TLC Entertainment
brings an entirely new approach to your event, offering a professional, tasteful and
unique experience guaranteed to rock your dance floor.
TLC Entertainment evolved from a commonly seen problem with DJ companies
after attending way too many events with cookie-cutter performers, cheesy
routines, constant obnoxious talking and bad music selections, we saw an opportunity
to provide a refreshing alternative to generic and forgettable DJs and offer a more
modern, Sophisticated and exciting DJ performance for your wedding or special
occasion. We are way more than just great DJs, we are music mixologists & Event hosts!
We have the experience to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long, even if
they don't like to dance. Instead of just playing song after song randomly like a jukebox,
we seamlessly mix your favorite songs and genres together and use our ability for
reading the crowd to make you and your guests the focus of attention, not us.
Your wedding, will be our ONLY wedding on that date.
Because you both deserve that special attention.
We are a small, family-owned company. We only book one wedding per day, so we can put
all of our efforts into making your event the best it can be and provide you with the
personalized service you deserve. We'll work closely with you to understand your vision
and get all of the details right to make your event one to remember. Whether it's an
intimate affair or a lavish gala, we can turn your occasion into a
celebration like no other.

Are you ready to take your event to the next level?
Contact us now so we can make it happen.

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