Bundle & Save

Bundling is Good for Your Mind, Body and Budget.

Bundling your wedding services is clinically proven to better your health. Ok, not really but bundling your DJ, Photography, HD Videography and Photobooth Rental with TLC Entertainment will save you time, money and a lot of headaches & stress —
 Now doesn't that sound good for your health?

Save Time: Bundling your DJ, Photography, HD Videography & Photobooth service with us means you only need to maintain one relationship with one wedding company. You will not only have the convenience when booking, but also in managing your services. Get all the assistance you need at one contact point. No phone tag and wasted time trying to communicate your wishes over and over to various vendors.

Save Money: You can save hundreds of dollars when you bundle your wedding services. We offer special value-packed pricing on bundles as an incentive for you to purchase two or more award-winning services. You will be working with the area's top wedding company so you are guaranteed outstanding quality and service.

Less Headaches & Stress: You don't need to spend hours searching for great wedding vendors that actually fit your budget and will work well together. When you bundle two, three or four of your wedding services with TLC you are booking a team approach. Our four services seamlessly work together with the same high-integrity values and common goal of blowing you away.

That's what we call A Team Approach.

We have dozens of custom combinations of two, three and four wedding services bundles.

You're on a budget. We get that. But you still want an incredible experience. We get that too.  At TLC Entertainment , we help you reach the balance between price and perfection…without ever compromising quality.

 How, you ask? First, we ask questions.  Lots of questions. We get to the heart of exactly what you want.  Then we review your options with you. We discuss price. We explore possibilities. Then we tap our deep reservoir of resources. Like the bride's dress, we tailor a solution that fits your expectations and budget perfectly.

 Bottom line? We'll make it happen. Beautifully. Simply. And oh-so cost effectively.

Our Wedding Services:

DJ Service start at $1,500.00 or LESS when you Bundle & Save.

HD Videography start at $1,750.00

Beautiful Wedding Photography starts at $2,000.00

Photobooth Rental start at $750.00

Military Discount – It's our obligation!  TLC knows what it means to serve, and we appreciate the heroes that protect our freedom.  We offer discounts for active duty and military veterans.  It's our privilege to serve you.

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