Special Event Lighting has become an essential ingredient in creating the mood you strive to obtain at your party. whether your are planning a Wedding, Sweet Sixteen, Mitzvah or any special occasion lighting enhances everything.

Ambiance is everything, why keep the walls at your affair plain white?  With TLC’s color kinetics you can completely transform the atmosphere of the room.  This digital lighting system allows you to paint the walls of your venue with a full spectrum of colors.  You can use soft lighting to give your affair warmth and romantic style or for a more vibrant feel you can choose bold colors that turn your venue into a true hot-spot.

Up-Lighting decor can transform your reception room to have any ambient color of your choice, making it look very elegant. Not only does it have a great impression for you and your guest, but it also looks amazing in photographs and videos.

Tap into the heartbeat of every special event and you will find that lighting is an essential element of a quality production. Lighting effects create the glow that warms a ballroom creating a magical ambiance, and brings life to a dance floor.  Brilliant color splashes that give life to your event space.  Lighting elements are critical to the success of an event. 

TLC's Lighting Department is head up by our expert lighting service technicians. Our in-house facility allows our experienced crew to provide you with services that exceed our client’s expectations. Our staff can incorporate special effects, functional lighting design, and theatrical display creating a customized package suited for your event needs. Knowledgeable and reliable, our technicians remain onsite throughout your event to ensure that your needs are handled with the highest sense of care and dependability. 

A full inventory of state of the art up-lighting instruments, trussing and theatrical effects make us a one stop source for all your occasion needs.

Do you have a question about lighting for your special event? Give us a call 516.414.0914